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Unraveling the Finale of ‘Flashback’: How Jess Outsmarts Death

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 23, 2023

Netflix’s bite-sized horror film ‘Flashback’, masterfully crafted by Jed Shepherd, the mind behind ‘Host‘, presents a thought-provoking exploration of love and sacrifice. The film stars Jemma Moore as Jess, a yoga instructor who experiences her life in rewind after a brutal home invasion. The twist? Jess discovers she can manipulate these flashbacks and alter the past, leading her on a mission to save her beloved from a tragic end. If you’re curious about whether Jess triumphs in her endeavor, let’s dive into the conclusion of ‘Flashback’. Beware, spoilers lie ahead!

‘Flashback’ Plot Overview

‘Flashback’ tells the tale of Jess, a yoga teacher who contemplates the possibility of reshaping our past. During a yoga session, Jess spots a peculiar figure lurking in the shadows. She confides in her best friend, Lily, about this figure, referring to it as Dr. Bones, a childhood urban legend. Lily brushes off Jess’s concerns, and life resumes its course. Back at her apartment, Jess’s long-term boyfriend, Scott, is planning a surprise proposal. Jess shares her encounter with Dr. Bones with Scott, and the conversation steers towards starting a family. Jess expresses her readiness to embark on this new journey with Scott, hinting at marriage and children.

Their idyllic life is shattered by a sudden disturbance in their apartment. Jess urges Scott to investigate, only to hear a gunshot moments later. She rushes to find Scott fatally shot in the head. An intruder stands over Scott’s body, apologizing before shooting Jess as well. As Jess draws her last breath, she sees the familiar figure of Dr. Bones, and her life flashes before her eyes. Seizing this opportunity, Jess decides to time travel and rewrite her past to prevent Scott’s untimely death.

‘Flashback’ Finale: How Jess Outwits Death

Upon realizing that she and Scott meet a premature end before they can fully enjoy their lives together, Jess is determined to rewrite her past. She blames herself for Scott’s death and seeks to correct her mistake. As her life flashes before her eyes, she gains control over time by slowing her breath and managing her emotions. Jess finds herself transported back in time to her thirteenth birthday. She seeks out Scott at her birthday party and reveals their future together. Jess explains their destined long-term relationship that ends tragically with Scott’s death. To prevent this, she makes Scott promise never to date her.

Time runs out, and the grim reaper-like Dr. Bones appears to claim her soul. Scott witnesses this eerie entity, seemingly validating Jess’s claims. In the end, Jess wakes up in the present day, living her usual life without the ominous presence of Dr. Bones. Jess’s plan works, saving both her and Scott’s lives. However, meddling with the past has its consequences – she and Scott are no longer together. Instead, Scott is happily married to Lily, and they have a baby. The film concludes with Jess deciding to carve out her own happiness. Jess’s plan to save Scott’s life is successful, but it costs her own happiness. This poignant tale explores the lengths one would go to protect their loved ones, even if it means losing them. Ultimately, Jess realizes that the only way to prevent their tragic deaths is to avoid a relationship altogether. As a result, Jess makes the heart-wrenching sacrifice of the love of her life, resulting in a bittersweet victory for our protagonist.

Who’s Responsible for Jess and Scott’s Deaths?

The deaths of Scott and Jess kick the narrative into high gear as Jess frantically searches for a way to prevent their impending doom. However, the circumstances surrounding their deaths and the identity of the killer remain shrouded in mystery even after the credits roll. From the brief glimpse we get of the intruder in Jess and Scott’s apartment, it’s clear that the individual is a burglar. Caught off guard by Scott’s presence, the intruder shoots him in a moment of panic, likely shooting Jess as well to eliminate any witnesses.

While the details of Jess and Scott’s deaths are murky, it’s clear that the only way to evade this fate is to not be together. Despite the lack of a clear motive or explanation for the murders, this pivotal moment sets the narrative in motion, propelling Jess on a journey to find the strength to sacrifice her love to save his life. This moment is intrinsically tied to the film’s ending, which sees a transformed Jess who has gained a deeper understanding of life. The scant details surrounding Jess and Scott’s murders amplify the tragedy of the situation and underscore the futility of trying to change the past without making a sacrifice.

Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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