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Unmasking Captain Laserhawk: The Finale Unveiled: Is Captain Laserhawk No More?

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 23, 2023

Captain Laserhawk Plot Unraveled

‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix’ kicks off with Marcus Holloway recounting the downfall of the United States and the ascension of Eden Corporation’s authoritarian regime. Simultaneously, Rayman, Eden’s propaganda mouthpiece, labels Marcus a terrorist on his TV show. In the meantime, Dolph Laserhawk, aka Captain Laserhawk, a cybernetically enhanced soldier, and his boyfriend, Alex Taylor, hunt down and assassinate the Eden Vice President, stealing his identity to infiltrate a facility. Here, they snatch a codec granting them access to unlimited credits. However, Alex double-crosses Laserhawk, leaving him for dead after securing the codec.

Laserhawk comes to in the Supermaxx prison, sharing his cell with a female assassin named Jade, a hybrid pig called Pey’j, a frog named Bullfrog from the Brotherhood of Assassins, and wrestler Cody Rhodes. The Warden, the prison’s overseer, reveals she’s implanted the group’s brains with explosive chips, killing Rhodes to demonstrate her control. The group is declared dead to the public, and the Warden employs them as a covert operations task force. Their first mission? Infiltrating the base of Triad leader Pagan Min.

The mission goes south when the group is caught and outnumbered, leading to Jade’s demise. Their goal, to replace the Super-Scope, a device capable of opening a portal to another dimension, fails when Alex is exposed as a collaborator with Min. The mission collapses when Alex escapes with the device, and Pey’j kills Min against the Warden’s orders. Alex opens a portal, releasing Kaiju from Dimension X. The superhero team Ninji 6 halts the Kaiju attack, but their leader, Rex, makes xenophobic remarks on TV, incensing Rayman. As a result, Eden’s Board of Directors replaces Rayman with a clone.

Alex’s scheme leads Laserhawk’s team to a wrestling event where Alex orchestrates a violent attack on hybrids. Laserhawk confronts Alex but ignores his former boyfriend’s pleas and kills him. Bullfrog and Pey’j attempt to aid the hybrids, but when the brainwaves affecting humans are halted, a full-scale war erupts between humans and hybrids. After killing Alex, Laserhawk tries to sacrifice himself, but the Warden rescues him, and they set off on a mission to save Marcus Holloway while Eden dispatches an army to conquer the New Wasteland.

Laserhawk and the Warden are tranquilized and wake up back at the Supermaxx prison, where the Warden reveals her backstory. She is Sarah Fisher, the daughter of war hero Sam Fisher, who tried to protect her from Eden’s influence when she was young. They sought Marcus’ help to escape the organization, but Sarah, deceived by Eden, turned in Marcus and his hacker friends. Eventually, Sarah and Laserhawk discover they are in a VR facility, which Marcus reveals was once controlled by Eden and now serves as a purgatory. Marcus confronts Sarah over their intertwined past while Laserhawk makes a pivotal decision.

Captain Laserhawk Finale: Is Captain Laserhawk Gone?

In the final episode, Laserhawk finds himself in a VR simulation that reunites him with Alex, offering the battle-weary soldier a shot at a happy ending. However, Laserhawk realizes he has abandoned Bullfrog, who was arrested and sentenced to execution. Consequently, Laserhawk requests Marcus to let him leave the VR facility. Before departing, Laserhawk vouches for Sarah, as Marcus has been suspicious of her, given her role in his and his team’s capture and torment by Eden. However, Marcus decides to forgive Sarah, but she betrays him, forcing him to surrender control of the VR facility.

Meanwhile, the Board dispatches its entire army, led by Niji 6, to reclaim the New Wasteland. As a result, they encounter Laserhawk and prevent him from leaving, sparking a colossal battle between the cybernetically enhanced soldier and the mecha-powered Niji 6. However, Sarah has hacked Laserhawk using a virus, leaving him defenseless. Nevertheless, Laserhawk finds a way to overpower the virus and singlehandedly annihilates the Niji 6 members and Eden’s army. Eventually, Laserhawk sees through Sarah’s deception and returns to the VR facility to confront her.

Laserhawk uses Sarah’s wristband to activate the chip in his brain, causing an implosion that presumably kills Sarah and Laserhawk. In the end, Laserhawk is merely a pawn in a larger power struggle. However, unbeknownst to him and Marcus, Sarah turns out to be the biggest threat to the rebel efforts. Laserhawk seemingly defeats Sarah by sacrificing himself. However, the final moments see Laserhawk’s consciousness awakening in another virtual space, where he encounters Sarah’s father, Sam Fisher, who was thought to be dead. Sam prepares Laserhawk for a counterattack, and the cybernetic soldier chooses to join the fight.

What Becomes of Bullfrog? What Happens to the Board?

Bullfrog, the last surviving member of Laserhawk’s squad, is arrested following the humans vs hybrids war. Bullfrog is labeled a terrorist and prepared for execution. However, a message is sent to Rayman, urging him to converse with Bullfrog and seek the truth. Bullfrog reveals how Eden used Rayman to spread their oppressive rule. Consequently, Rayman is filled with fury and gears up to confront the Eden Board Members who have been manipulating him. Ultimately, Rayman arrives at the Eden headquarters just as Bullfrog is about to be executed on live TV.

The HQ is already short-staffed as the Board dispatched most of its forces to the New Wasteland. Rayman holds the Board at gunpoint and forces them to cancel the execution, saving Bullfrog’s life. After the execution is called off, Rayman executes the Board members for manipulating and using him to disseminate their fascist propaganda. Meanwhile, during her fight with Marcus, Sarah reveals the Board is a modern incarnation of the Templar Order from ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ an organization that seeks to control humanity. Sarah plans to overthrow the order and establish her own regime, suggesting she was behind the message that set Rayman on the path to execute the Board.

Is Sarah Gone? Is Sam Alive?

In the final episode, Sarah is revealed to have manipulated Laserhawk and his squad into doing her bidding as she plans to overthrow Eden and establish her own order. Sarah’s past story about feeling remorse for betraying Marcus and his team’s location is a ruse that allows her to get close to Marcus and seize control of the VR facility. However, Laserhawk finds a way to take her out by sacrificing himself. Despite being blown up in an explosion, Sarah survives.

Sarah is revealed to be a fully cybernetic entity, suggesting she underwent the enhancement program that Sam advised her against. Thus, Sarah was likely brainwashed by Eden, leading to her villainous turn. Meanwhile, the finale’s closing moments deliver another twist in Sarah’s tale as her father, Sam Fisher, is revealed to be alive. However, Sam appears to be inside a virtual space where he encounters Laserhawk. Nonetheless, Sam has seemingly been preparing a counterattack, which will directly pit him against his daughter in the future should the series return for a second installment.

Jennifer Lacey

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