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The Much-Anticipated Encounter of Nicki Nicole and Messi

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 10, 2023

Nicki Nicole traveled to Miami for the Billboard Latin Music Awards. During rehearsals, she told HOLA! USA about her excitement about attending an Inter Miami game while in town to support her country’s most famous footballer, Lionel Messi. She also revealed that she already knows him and his family. The young Argentine singer didn’t pass up the chance to see him, and last weekend, she visited the stadium, where she had the opportunity to meet and take photos with Argentina’s idol.

On October 7th, Inter Miami played against FC Cincinnati, a match that didn’t go well for the home team. Despite this, DRV PNK Stadium had plenty of supporters, including some young celebrities. Nicki Nicole was there with Mexican artist Peso Pluma and Argentine stars Bizarrap, Duki, and Louta. They used the VIP entrance and went straight to the VIP box area next to the Inter Miami bench.

The area where these young artists were seated is typically reserved for invited celebrities, like tennis player Serena Williams and basketball player LeBron James, as well as team executives and players‘ family members. From this special spot, Nicki and her group had a close view of the game and the chance to greet the Argentine superstar.

When Messi came onto the field, he went to his seat on the substitutes‘ bench because he didn’t start the match. At that point, he met the singers and warmly greeted them with hugs and handshakes. Their pictures quickly became viral online, making the dreams of thousands of fans who wished to meet the World Cup champion come true.

As reported by multiple media outlets, all the artists received a black jersey with Messi’s number 10, which they wore while watching the game. The exception was Duki, who was seen in a Hawaiian shirt during the match. Nicki, filled with excitement, shared a picture on her Instagram stories with her fellow singers and the Inter Miami star. In her caption, she wrote that Leo’s wife was absent “Missing is the queen @antonelaroccuzzo.”

The Argentine support at the stadium

Last week, the young singer told HOLA! USA in an interview that on her day off, she would enjoy watching an Inter Miami game to support Leo. “Argentines support each other,” she said. It was at that moment that she revealed her connection to Messi. “Yes, yes, I know him. Fortunately, I also know the family because we are both from Rosario,” the singer said, referring to the famous Argentine city she and Messi are from.

“The truth is that since I happened to be here (in Miami) and he’s playing, I would like to go see him and support him, obviously.” Nicki even detailed that the plan to go to the stadium to see Messi was already in place, and she wouldn’t go alone but with some of her talented friends who also came to the Billboards: Bizarrap and Duki, with whom she recorded her song “Ya Me Fui” in 2021.

Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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