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Meryl Streep Rubs Shoulders with Queen Letizia and Her Daughters

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 21, 2023

The Spanish Royal Family had the pleasure of hosting the laureates of this year’s Princess of Asturias Awards, leading to a delightful encounter between the iconic Meryl Streep and the royal household. King Felipe, Queen Letizia, and the princesses, Leonor and Sofia, were visibly thrilled as they engaged in a lively chat with Streep.

The award-winning actress joined the royal family for an official greeting, followed by a more intimate conversation with the Queen and her daughters. The royal trio couldn’t hide their excitement, their faces lighting up with smiles as they chatted with the Hollywood legend.

Queen Letizia and Princess Leonor chose to celebrate the spring season with their attire. The Queen looked elegant in a lilac suit, her hair falling in sleek, straight strands, while the Princess charmed in a pink, floral dress, her hair neatly pulled back into a long ponytail. In contrast, Streep opted for a monochrome look, pairing black trousers with a patterned shirt and a matching black sweater. Her hair, like the Queen’s, was styled long and straight.

This year, Streep was honored as one of the laureates for the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts, a prestigious accolade given to individuals who have made significant contributions to their field. Other distinguished recipients this year included Haruki Murakami, recognized for his literary contributions, Nuccio Ordine for his work in communication and humanities, Eliud Kipchoge for his achievements in sports, and Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, celebrated for her work in social sciences.

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Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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