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Manuel Turizo Immortalized in Paint by the Remarkable Mr. Dripping

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 11, 2023

Mark Ríos, better known as Mr. Dripping, is a maestro of the canvas who has charmed audiences and celebrities alike with his distinctive live portrait painting technique. His unique approach to art has made him a favorite among stars from various walks of life, including football, music, and even royalty. Ríos’ rising fame can be attributed to his knack for bridging the gap between the art world and the celebrity sphere.

Hailing from Barcelona but now based in the bustling city of Dubai, Mr. Dripping has masterfully captured the essence of iconic figures such as Neymar Jr., Luka Modric, Will Smith, Sebastián Yatra, and even King Felipe VI of Spain. His claim to fame lies in his unique artistic process, which breaks away from the traditional seclusion of the studio and instead invites the public into the creative experience.

His live portrait sessions, typically lasting between 2 and 10 minutes, offer a captivating spectacle where the audience can witness the birth of a unique piece of art right before their eyes. He interacts with his subjects, establishes a connection, and captures their essence on the canvas in mere minutes. This theatrical approach to art has captivated celebrities and garnered him a dedicated following of art enthusiasts.

Recently, Manuel Turizo had the honor of being painted live by Mr. Dripping, joining the ranks of luminaries who have had their essence captured by this extraordinary artist. With each live portrait, Mr. Dripping further solidifies his reputation as an artist who creates not just art, but unforgettable experiences.

Mr. Dripping fervently believes in sharing the creative process with his audience. He asserts, “My proposal invites you into the intimate process of creation, and allows everyone to be part of a special moment. I believe it’s an unforgettable experience for anyone, famous or not, to witness how your artwork is made from scratch.” It’s this commitment to inclusivity and making art accessible that sets him apart from traditional artists.

Mr. Dripping’s unique technique involves a self-taught dripping method, which has earned him international acclaim. He has showcased his work in major cities such as Madrid, Florence, Dubai, New York, and Miami. His current base in Dubai serves as the epicenter for his creative pursuits, including the Mr. Dripping Gallery, which organizes exhibitions and events to showcase his artwork globally.

The list of luminaries who have been immortalized through his art is extensive, including names like Tom Cruise, Chris Brown, Major Lazer, Nyjah Huston, Sara Sampaio, Cindy Kimberly, Nieves Álvarez, and Sebastian Vettel. His artistic reach crosses borders, languages, and genres, proving that art is a universal language that can touch anyone.

Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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