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Madonna’s Tearful Revelation on Stage: ‘I Was Unconscious’

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 23, 2023

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, recently opened up about her health scare during a concert in Belgium, a part of her ongoing Celebration Tour. The legendary artist shared her heartfelt feelings with her fans on Saturday night, expressing her gratitude for being able to perform again after a full recovery.

The 65-year-old music icon got emotional as she recounted her harrowing experience. “Just a few months ago, I was in the hospital, unconscious. There were speculations that I might not pull through,” she confessed to her fans. “It’s nothing short of a miracle that I’m standing here tonight.”

Madonna went on to talk about the unwavering support from her family, and reminisced about the tragic loss of her mother to breast cancer when she was only 5 years old. “My mother, bless her soul, must be watching over me. She seemed to say, ‘Girl, it’s not your time yet,'” Madonna mused.

She shared a poignant realization that she had during her health scare. “I found myself feeling empathy for my mother. Not about her death, but about the loneliness she must have felt in the hospital, knowing she wouldn’t make it,” she reflected. “I was given a second chance, and for that, I’m deeply grateful. I must admit, I’m not feeling my best right now, but I can’t complain. I’m alive. I’m thankful for my children and all the love and support you’ve shown me.”

Madonna’s Celebration Tour has been a rollercoaster ride of surprises, featuring numerous celebrity guests and unexpected moments. The audience in London was taken by surprise on the opening night. The tour kicked off on a high note, with Madonna belting out her hit songs and sharing the stage with her daughters Lourdes Leon, Estere, and Mercy James for a special performance.

Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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