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Is Mary’s Offspring a Human or a Werewolf?

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 23, 2023

Abe Forsythe’s comedic drama, ‘Wolf Like Me’, is back with a bang, unraveling the complex lives of Mary, Gary, and Emma as they anticipate a new family member. After a literal collision, Gary (played by Josh Gad) and Mary (portrayed by Isla Fisher) find themselves fitting snugly into each other’s lives, despite their individual baggage. Gary’s strained relationship with his daughter, Emma, is a tad less unconventional than Mary’s monthly werewolf transformations.

Having conquered immense challenges together, Mary and Gary start the season as a content couple seeking fresh beginnings. However, Mary’s persistent lycanthrope problem continues to threaten their family’s happiness and safety. Consequently, the second season charts a thrilling yet relatable journey of the anxieties posed by Mary, Gary, and Emma’s unique situation. Here’s everything you need to know about how it ends! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Recap

The season kicks off with Mary’s terrifying nightmare of a monster baby violently emerging from her during her white-veiled wedding to Gary and instantly attacking its father. This dream provides a glimpse into Mary’s fears about her impending childbirth. Her anxieties about the child possibly being a werewolf are so intense that she refuses an ultrasound, terrified of what the doctor might discover. This only amplifies her stress as she struggles to prepare for the future.

Meanwhile, Gary pours his efforts into constructing the perfect basement for Mary in their new home, where they plan to cohabit as a family. However, his well-intentioned, fancy basement with advanced facilities only overwhelms Mary.
Nevertheless, Mary gains some confidence in her parenting skills when she defends Emma, who gets into trouble at school for confronting her friend, Abigail’s bully. This incident reminds Mary of her protective instincts, prompting her to face life’s challenges head-on by getting an ultrasound.

However, the comfort Mary derives from knowing she carries a human baby quickly dissipates. Now, Mary starts fretting about the possibility of giving birth on a full moon and harming her human child as a werewolf. When the couple’s first full moon in their new home ends disastrously after Gary accidentally opens the door to Mary’s basement, it does little to alleviate Mary’s worries.

Moreover, the terrifying encounter Gary has with Wolf-Mary negatively impacts their relationship. Therefore, when Gary bumps into another single parent, Abigail’s mother, after strange coincidences, it’s hard not to interpret that as a sign from the universe that perhaps Gary and Emma are safer alone. The ensuing argument that awaits Gary at home carries the same implication, with Mary offering her boyfriend an escape if her situation has become too overwhelming for him.

Yet, instead of taking the easy way out, Gary decides to go all in. The next morning, he proposes to Mary with her old basement door that he purchased from the new house owners at a hefty price. The family returns to a comfortable routine—that is, until Anton, a mysterious man from Mary’s past in Chicago, shows up at her surprise baby shower. As it turns out, shortly after Mary became a werewolf, she sought answers and comfort from Anton, her former university professor, and inadvertently turned him into a werewolf through a bite.

As such, Anton has reached out to have her by his side. However, due to his timing, Mary ends up having to drag him with her to the basement as the full moon emerges. In their animal forms, Mary and Anton mate throughout the night while Gary has to remain on the other side of the door.

Although the situation causes a rift between the couple, they both come to their senses after Gary realizes that Mary genuinely had no control or memory of her actions as a werewolf. Ultimately, the couple resolves the Anton issue. Nonetheless, a new problem arises when Gary’s sister-in-law, Sarah, finally confronts the pair about their eccentric behavior.

Sarah demands answers but refuses to believe them when Emma reveals the truth and tries to take the child away from what she considers an unstable household. Worse yet, the situation’s immense pressure doubles when Mary’s water breaks, barely more than a day from a full moon.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Ending: Is Mary’s Child a Human or a Werewolf?

Throughout the season, Gary and Mary strive to maintain control of the birthing process to ensure their child’s safety, as Mary’s monthly transformations pose certain complications. For instance, Mary can’t undergo a Cesarean birth since the stitches will endanger her life when she’s a werewolf. Furthermore, the child cannot be born on the full moon because Mary fears she may try to eat her baby as a werewolf.

In response, Gary tries to reassure his partner that she has enough conscience as a werewolf that she won’t harm her family since she protected Gary and Emma in the outback months ago. Nonetheless, Mary’s worries persist. Therefore, when Mary’s water breaks a little more than 24 hours before the next full moon, it feels as if her nightmares have become reality.

The family complication presented by Sarah comes to a halt as they rush Mary to the hospital. Nevertheless, even after 36 hours, Mary is nowhere near ready to give birth. Therefore, the doctor has no choice but to suggest a C-section. With the full moon looming, Gary realizes that if the doctors deliver the baby and it turns into a werewolf with the moon, the authorities will take the child away from them.

Consequently, Gary and Emma end up having to sneak Mary out of the hospital so that she can give birth at home. On their way out, Sarah and her family notice them and, upon witnessing Mary’s half-transformations, realize Emma and her parents have been telling the truth. As such, they help Gary get Mary to safety by stealing an ambulance and driving them home. In the end, Mary reaches the safety of her basement as the moon rises and gives birth alone in the empty room.

Gary watches his fiancee endure the painful birthing process alone in her werewolf form as she finally gives birth to their child— a baby werewolf. However, Mary’s too exhausted after the birth to go to her pup and only lies on the cold floor alone. So far, Gary kept insisting Mary won’t hurt her family and that she recognizes Gary and Emma even in her werewolf form. As such, now, when wolf Mary needs him, Gary decides to enter the basement at Emma’s encouragement to be by his partner’s side.

As Mary lays exhausted on the floor, her fangs bared, Gary takes their child and brings it to Mary, letting the new mother know her baby is safe. As the three lie together in the basement, it becomes clear that Mary can recognize those she loves as a human or a werewolf.

Do the Police Catch Mary and Gary?

The last time Mary recognized her family as a werewolf was months ago during their camping trip when the family got stranded in the outback on the night of the full moon. Gary revealed Mary’s secret to Emma for the first time inside their broken-down car as they tried to stay hidden from the she-wolf. Yet, trouble found them when two bandits tried to rob them by offering false assistance.

As the two men, Jayden and Shane, became more aggressive, Mary emerged from the shadows in her werewolf form and killed both men, saving her family’s life. Although everyone moved on from the incident, it soon returns to haunt the couple. When Mary’s due date approached, Detectives called Gary in for questioning about Jayden and Shane’s deaths.

Although the men were confirmed to have died in an animal attack, Gary and his family’s presence in the outback near their deaths becomes a source of suspicion. Furthermore, in his effort to remain calm and collected, Gary ends up lying to the cops about the car model he went camping in. Since Gary’s blue car, the one Mary killed the men against, is in a pretty beat-up shape, the man figures Mary’s jeep is a safer alternative.

Nevertheless, the cops have reports of Gary calling the roadside services from the desert about a different car model. As a result, they know Gary is hiding something and follow him back to his house, where they discover his beat-up blue car. Furthermore, Mary reveals that the car has a gun in the glove compartment due to some poor decision-making on her part.

While the couple escapes inexplicable questions after Mary’s untimely water break, they don’t stay out of the cops’ radar, who witness them running away from the hospital in a stolen ambulance. All things considered, Mary and Gary effectively become highly suspicious individuals to the cops, who likely believe they have something to do with Jayden and Shane’s deaths.

Consequently, the season ends with the cops arriving at the new parents’ home on the heels of Mary giving birth. While the police have no concrete evidence against Mary and Gary, they have plenty to be suspicious of. Not to mention, Mary and her child’s current werewolf forms will only raise more questions. Thus, the show ends with the cops knocking on the protagonists’ door, leaving the viewers on a cliffhanger and setting the stage for a potential third season.

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