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Is Brad Pitt Ready to Introduce His New Love to His Brood?

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 10, 2023

Brad Pitt is once again in the limelight, not for his latest cinematic masterpiece or his stellar acting prowess, but for his measured approach to introducing his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, to his children. The buzz is that Pitt is not rushing this significant milestone in their relationship, and he has a solid reason for it.

Insiders close to the couple have spilled the beans that their bond is “stronger than ever,” and Ines has even managed to get “very close” with Pitt’s inner circle. However, the million-dollar question of when Ines will be introduced to Pitt’s children remains unanswered.

The illustrious Oscar-winning actor and father of six has a well-documented history of relationships, notably his high-profile marriage to Angelina Jolie. The duo, fondly dubbed as “Brangelina,” adopted three children and had three biological children during their 12-year relationship. Post their highly publicized divorce in 2016, Pitt has been judicious about introducing his children to his romantic interests.

According to US Weekly, Brad Pitt’s hesitation to introduce Ines de Ramon to his children does not mirror his feelings for her. Rather, it’s a testament to his commitment to building a robust relationship foundation before taking such a significant leap. The source clarified, “It’s not that he doesn’t love Ines; it’s just that he wants to ensure this relationship is going the distance before he takes that major step.” This cautious approach stems from Pitt’s profound love and commitment to his children.

Brad Pitt’s preference to “let things unfold organically” in his family life underlines his respect for his children’s feelings and his cognizance of the potential impact on them. Pitt’s six children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox, have undoubtedly weathered a lot since the divorce, and their father wants to minimize any further upheavals in their lives.

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Jennifer Lacey

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