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How to Reset Windstream Router: A Comprehensive Guide

Alejandra Reynoso

ByAlejandra Reynoso

Oct 5, 2023

As an internet user, you may have experienced connectivity issues at some point. One common solution for such problems is resetting your router. If you are a Windstream user, you might be wondering how to reset your Windstream router. This detailed guide will walk you through the process in a step-by-step manner, ensuring you can get back online as soon as possible.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Should You Reset Your Router?
  3. The Resetting Process
  4. Post-Reset Setup
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding why and when to reset your Windstream router
  • Detailed steps on how to reset your Windstream router
  • Post-reset setup advice
  • Answers to frequently asked questions


The Windstream router, like any other router, is a device that enables the connection of multiple devices to the internet. However, it can occasionally exhibit issues such as slow internet speed, inability to connect to the internet, or random disconnections. Resetting the router can often resolve these problems.

Why Should You Reset Your Router?

Resetting your router can help solve a variety of connectivity issues. It’s a simple process that can be done by anyone, even without technical skills. But remember, resetting your router will erase all your personalized settings, including your username, password, and network name, so it’s essential to have this information at hand before starting the process.

The Resetting Process

To reset your Windstream router, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the reset button: The reset button on a Windstream router is usually found at the back of the device. It’s often recessed to prevent accidental resets, so you might need a paper clip or a similar object to reach it.

  2. Press and hold the reset button: Using your paper clip, press and hold the reset button for about 10-15 seconds. The lights on the router should start flashing, indicating that the reset process has begun.

  3. Wait for the router to restart: After releasing the reset button, wait for the router to restart. This process may take a few minutes.

  4. Check for successful reset: Once the router has restarted, the network name should revert back to the default name mentioned in your router’s manual.

Post-Reset Setup

After resetting your Windstream router, you will need to set up your network again. This includes renaming your network, setting your password, and customizing any other settings as per your preference. For a comprehensive guide on how to do this, you can refer to Windstream’s official setup guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my router doesn’t reset? If your router doesn’t reset even after following the above steps, try repeating the process. If the issue persists, you might need to contact Windstream’s customer support.

  • Will resetting my router affect my internet speed? No, resetting your router won’t affect your internet speed. However, it can help resolve issues causing slow speeds.

  • What should I do if I forget my router’s password after resetting? If you forget your router’s password after resetting, you can use the default password mentioned in your router’s manual. If you can’t find it, try looking it up online or contact Windstream’s customer support.

In conclusion, knowing how to reset your Windstream router is a useful skill that can help you resolve common internet connectivity issues. However, remember to keep your network details at hand to ensure a smooth setup process post-reset. For more information on dealing with internet issues, consider reading this article, this guide, or this post.

Alejandra Reynoso

By Alejandra Reynoso

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