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Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, and their Daredevil Kids Hit the Dirtbike Track

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 12, 2023

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth’s offspring are not just your average kids – they’re bona fide adrenaline junkies! The thrill-seeking clan, known for their love of surfing, horseback riding, and jiu-jitsu, are now making waves as budding dirtbike enthusiasts. Recently, Pataky, the matriarch of this adventurous family, shared a glimpse of their exhilarating family race day on a dirtbike track. “Not competitive at all,” she humorously noted in the caption, punctuated with tears-of-joy emojis.

The first snapshot showed the beaming parents with one of their sons, who was still donning his safety helmet. The couple is blessed with three children – 11-year-old India Rose, and 9-year-old twins, Sasha and Tristan. The second image featured Pataky and India Rose, clad in eye-catching lime green gear, demonstrating that motorsports aren’t just a boys’ club – girls can kick up some dust too!

A video clip showcased the twins’ impressive skills as they tore up the track, honking their horns and catching some serious air off a dirt mound. “Sick,” Hemsworth, the proud papa, exclaimed in the selfie-style video.

The Pataky-Hemsworth Clan: A Family Overflowing with Talent

The Hemsworth twins are showing signs of being quite the athletic duo, a trait that’s hardly surprising given their parents’ action-star status. In November of the previous year, the proud parents shared their joy when the twins bagged gold medals in jiu-jitsu at the BJJ Australian Open 2023.

The kids also have a knack for surfing. In August last year, the ‘Thor’ actor posted a thrilling video of one of the twins catching his first tube on a surfboard. “My 8-year-old’s first ever tube! Something he and I are gonna remember forever!” Hemsworth captioned the video (for the uninitiated, a ‘tube’ in surfing lingo refers to riding inside the curve or barrel of a breaking wave).

India Rose, on the other hand, shares her mother’s passion for equestrian pursuits along with dirt bike racing. In April this year, the mother-daughter duo even competed in the same event. “Such a great weekend both competing at the same event,” Pataky captioned the post. “She is going to be much better than me in a blink! So much fun to share all these moments with you, Indi!”

For more information on the Hemsworth family’s adventures, check out Elsa Pataky’s Instagram and Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram. To learn more about dirtbike racing, visit Dirt Rider. For those interested in jiu-jitsu, the BJJ Australian Open website provides more details.

Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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