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Bad Bunny’s Wig Wearing Mystery Solved: A Look Back at the Past Two Months

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 11, 2023

For the past few weeks, it appears that the Puerto Rican sensation, Bad Bunny, has been sporting a hairpiece. Rumor has it that the singer went for a full head shave while shooting his latest music video, featuring none other than the legendary Al Pacino.

A recent teaser reveals the artist with a fresh buzzcut, leaving fans puzzled about how he maintained the same hairstyle from late August, when the video was shot, until early October. This period includes his red carpet appearance at the Latin Billboard Awards.

The mystery deepens with a new clip showcasing a blue wig hat that Bad Bunny has been spotted wearing on multiple occasions. Besides concealing his hairstyle with bandanas and different color variations of the wig hat, he was also seen wearing the same hat in green at the Latin Billboard Awards in Miami, Florida.

Fans of Bad Bunny have noticed that during his recent public appearances post the music video shoot, he seemed to be hiding his hairstyle in one way or another. But the buzzcut reveal is more than just a new hairstyle. It holds significant meaning for the artist and his fans, as it harks back to his initial music era. This could suggest a return to his earlier sound or perhaps a nod to significant moments in his career in the upcoming music video.

One fan provided some context on social media, explaining, “Him having a buzz cut is a reference to when he first started his career. During this time he was mainly a trap artist so many associate the cut with that era. So with his video announcement where he’s bald, he’s hinting at a trap album.” This comment followed the evolution of Bad Bunny’s fashion style and sound.

Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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