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Are Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White Dating? The Rumor Mill Churns

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 24, 2023

Over the weekend, the rumor mill was buzzing with whispers of a potential romantic rendezvous between singer Rosalía and actor Jeremy Allen White. According to the Deux U podcast, a production of Deuxmoi magazine, the pair were allegedly spotted together at a screening of the 1998 film “Wild Things” at the iconic Los Feliz movie theater, a venue renowned for its vintage charm.

While no photographic evidence has surfaced to confirm the alleged date, multiple eyewitnesses and fans have corroborated the story. Reports suggest that the New York actor was seen waiting for Rosalía in the theater’s hallway while she was in the restroom. Later, the pair were reportedly seen sharing a meal at Little Dom’s, a popular Italian restaurant frequented by celebrities.

This rumored date comes on the heels of Rosalía’s split from Rauw Alejandro, to whom she was previously engaged, and five months after White ended his marriage with actress Addison Timlin.

White’s love life has been a hot topic since his separation from Timlin. Earlier this summer, Deuxmoi magazine hinted at a possible relationship between White and Selena Gomez, sparking a flurry of speculation. Gomez, however, quashed these rumors with a cheeky TikTok video, lip-syncing to an audio clip saying, “Have you ever heard a rumor about yourself and actually wanted to hear more? Like damn, what did I do next?” Her caption, “To everyone from me,” seemed to be a clear message to all the rumor-mongers.

Despite their separation, White and Timlin reportedly maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their children, Ezer and Dolores. A source told People magazine, “They love their children and all spend time together. When she filed for divorce, she was upset. Things have settled a bit.”

White, known for his lead role in the critically acclaimed series ‘The Bear,’ which has been nominated for four Emmy Awards, continues to enjoy professional success. His roles in shows like “Shameless,” “The Iron Claw,” “Shotgun,” and “The Rental” have earned him a substantial virtual fanbase of three and a half million followers.

As for whether there’s any truth to the rumors of a budding romance between White and Rosalía, only time will tell. In the meantime, Rosalía, Spain’s sensational singer, continues to make waves in the music industry, creating new music, attending fashion shows, and advancing her career.

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