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5 Astonishing Insights from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Latest Memoir

Jennifer Lacey

ByJennifer Lacey

Oct 13, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the multifaceted icon, has recently unveiled his latest book. Titled “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life“, this memoir cum self-help guide is brimming with Schwarzenegger’s pivotal life experiences and the lessons he derived from them. The title of the book is inspired by a mantra that has been a driving force in his life, and it offers practical tools that he believes will be beneficial to a wide range of readers.

Schwarzenegger’s book is filled with eye-opening revelations. Here are five of the most significant ones:

The Aftermath of His Infamous Affair

Schwarzenegger does not delve into the specifics of his notorious affair but instead focuses on its repercussions. He reflects on the tumultuous period following the public discovery of his affair with his housekeeper, which led to the birth of his son, Joseph Baena. This scandal disrupted his relationships, including those with his wife, Maria Shriver, and his children, Katherine, Patrick, Christopher, and Christina.

In his words, “I was face down in the mud, in a dark hole, and I had to decide whether it was worth it to clean myself up and start the slow climb out, or to just give up.”

His Relationship with His Father

Schwarzenegger spent his formative years in Austria. His father, a WWII soldier who fought alongside the Nazis, was an alcoholic and a stern figure in his life. Schwarzenegger recalls, “I had to do two hundred knee bends every morning just to ‘earn’ my breakfast.”

His Three Open Heart Surgeries

Schwarzenegger underwent three open heart surgeries. After a second surgery, he had to undergo a third due to medical errors. He was informed about the surgery upon regaining consciousness after a supposed non-invasive procedure, which led to a mistake necessitating open heart surgery to rectify the damage. Initially, he was frustrated with the extended recovery time, but he soon adjusted his mindset, fully recovered, and resumed his life.

His Inaugural Speech as Governor of California with a Broken Femur

Schwarzenegger served as the Governor of California twice. During his second inaugural speech, he was in immense pain due to a broken femur from a skiing accident. Despite the pain, Schwarzenegger refused to cancel his speech or take pain medication, fearing it might affect his performance during one of the most significant moments of his life.

His Thoughts on His January 6th Speech

Schwarzenegger also reflects on the speech he delivered following the January 6th riots, where he criticized the attack on the Capitol and the actions of Donald Trump. The speech, which he says he conceived while in the bathtub, went viral and earned him many supporters.

For more information on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life and career, check out his IMDb profile. For more details on his political career, visit his official governor’s profile.

Jennifer Lacey

By Jennifer Lacey

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