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About Us

Editor in Chief

Roberto Gittens

Roberto Gittens, the Editor-in-Chief of associates99.com, an online magazine website. With a decade of experience in online journalism and editing, Roberto brings a wealth of expertise to the digital media landscape. Under his leadership, associates99.com delivers engaging and insightful content to its readers.

Business and Money, News and Politics
Editor/Writer Alejandra Reynoso

Alejandra Reynoso is a versatile professional who has seamlessly transitioned from the world of academia to the dynamic realm of journalism. Having pursued her studies in business at Booth in Chicago, Alejandra possesses a solid foundation in the intricacies of commerce and finance.

Currently, Alejandra serves as both an editor and writer for our platform, specializing in Business and Money as well as News and Politics. Her unique blend of academic acumen and real-world insight allows her to dissect complex financial matters and dissect the ever-evolving landscape of news and politics with clarity and precision.

Health and Wellness
Editor/Writer Adoyele Casel

Ayodele Casel is a dedicated editor and writer who spearheads our Health and Wellness section with expertise and passion. As a certified yoga instructor and a knowledgeable nutrition enthusiast, Ayodele brings a holistic approach to her work, emphasizing the importance of mind-body harmony and well-rounded wellness.

Having honed her writing skills over many years of blogging, Ayodele joined our team with a wealth of experience in distilling complex health topics into accessible and actionable content. Her commitment to promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle shines through in her articles, where she shares valuable insights, evidence-based advice, and practical tips to empower readers on their wellness journey.

Ayodele’s unique blend of expertise and a warm, relatable writing style makes her a valuable asset to our Health and Wellness section, helping our readers navigate the path to a healthier, happier life.

Sports Desk and Weather 
Editor/Writer Eric Mosley

Eric Mosley is a versatile writer with a unique blend of experiences that have shaped his passion for storytelling. With a background in Geology, Eric’s analytical and detail-oriented mind has given him a distinctive perspective on the world. He earned his degree in Geology at the University, where he honed his skills in research and critical analysis.

But Eric’s journey doesn’t stop there. Before venturing into the world of writing, he pursued a career as a Semi-Professional golfer, demonstrating his dedication, discipline, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This athletic background has infused his writing with a deep appreciation for sports and a keen eye for the intricacies of the game.

As a valued member of the Associates99.com team, Eric contributes his expertise by covering the dynamic worlds of sports and weather. His articles provide readers with insightful analyses, up-to-date information, and engaging narratives that capture the essence of these subjects.

Eric’s writing journey extends beyond Associates99.com, as he has previously contributed to various online publications and local newspapers in his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. His commitment to delivering well-researched, informative, and entertaining content has garnered him recognition and a dedicated readership.

With his diverse experiences and expertise, Eric Mosley continues to enrich the world of online content, offering readers a fresh perspective on sports, weather, and beyond.

Stay informed about current weather conditions and forecasts through our Weather segment, ensuring you’re always prepared for what Mother Nature has in store.

Media and Celebrity 
Editor/Writer Jennifer Lacey

Jennifer Lacey, our Media and Celebrity editor, is a seasoned professional with a passion for the world of entertainment. Before joining our team, she was a successful independent blogger known for her insightful commentary on media and celebrity culture. Jennifer’s extensive industry connections allow us to bring exclusive interviews, breaking news, and in-depth analyses to our readers. Her expertise and commitment make her an invaluable member of our team, ensuring that our Media and Celebrity pages continue to be a trusted source of entertainment insights.